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Snow-Leopard-Tallinn-Zoo If you’ve decided to visit the historic city of Tallinn as part of a city break, or perhaps on a longer vacation, then there are some fantastic places to visit in this stylish capital of culture. Among all the attractions there is one which offers a glimpse of the “wild side” of life – a trip to Tallinn Zoo. Never failing to excite kids and adults alike, the zoo will certainly be a memorable aspect of any trip.

The Foundation of Tallinn Zoo

Tallinn Zoo was established just before the start of the Second World War. Its origins are somewhat unique in that it was founded after a team of Estonian marksmen won the Shooting World Championships in Helsinki. The victorious team not only brought back with them the winners’ trophy, but another prize in the form of a young lynx. The animal was named Illu and was the first exhibit at the zoo, later to be adopted as its emblem.

In 1983, the zoo moved to its present location in the Veskimetsa district. Now spread over 87 hectares, the zoo has been commended for promoting the welfare of a number of species, notably by the preservation of animals like mountain sheep and goats, eagles and vultures, as well as a wide collection of owls and cranes.


What animals will you find at the zoo?

Animals from all over the world are homed at the zoo, in conditions that reflect those in the wild as much as possible. These include Arctic animals, such as the musk ox and the mighty polar bear. There’s also a wealth of species from Central Asia, such as bactrian camels, red deer, yaks and, for lovers of big cats, the jungle cat, snow leopard, Amur leopard and the beautiful Amur tiger.

There’s a great deal to explore in the Elephant House. Not only does the zoo have its own established collection of African elephants, but animals like the pygmy hippopotamus, the red river hog and the hairy armadillo. Lovers of reptiles are also in for a treat as the zoo has an extensive collection of pythons, rat snakes, king snakes, boas and even a yellow anaconda, all housed close by.

Other popular attractions for visitors include animals such as the ever-popular and cheeky chimpanzees, the fearsome saltwater crocodile, the Chinese alligator and, of course, what zoo would be complete without its resident ‘king of the beasts’, the lion?


Where is it best to stay when visiting Tallinn zoo?

If you’re planning a family trip to Tallinn, the von Stackelberg Hotel Tallinn has a special package with something for children and adults. The package includes one night’s accommodation in a ZEN Deluxe room with jacuzzi – large enough for two parents and two children – plus a surprise for the kids on arrival. Parents can relax at the ZEN SPA sauna (1.5hrs included), and then enjoy a glass of wine at La Boheme Brasserie & Bar while the children are treated to some ice-cream.

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When was the last time you visited the zoo, and did you enjoy it? Ever been to Tallinn Zoo? Leave us a comment!

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Images by Marcel Hauri, Holger Vaga

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