Unique Hotels 15 – how it all started?


Unique Hotels is turning 15 this year. In connection to that, we decided to tell you the story behind our brand. How it all started and came to be as it is today? What has changed and what has stayed the same? Let’s find out the answers.

The beginning of 2000’s

Unique Hotels idea was born as there was a gap on the market. Tallinn was a booming destination with huge growth, but there weren’t any good 3-star hotels which were modern and trendy, also providing free WiFi, and cutting edge.  The founders who are from international hotel backgrounds saw the potential and opened the first hotel, present City Hotel Tallinn, in 2003. Back then it was named Uniquestay Hotel Tallinn. The hotel had 3 stars, free WiFi and computers in every room. This was something new and exciting for the customers, too. Colours were bright and the breakfast was rich, all of that with a reasonable price.

Uniquestay Hotel Tallinn / City Hotel Tallinn now
CH oldCity Hotel Room (2)

Two new hotels

The hotel was a success and the need was growing. That’s when the new hotel was opened next door which was only 30 yards away and was the former science institute of Estonia and the former City Manor of the von Stackelberg family, rich in history. In the beginning, these hotels were operated together under the name Uniquestay Hotels Tallinn. Then a new hotel, Mihkli Hotel, was purchased in 2007. During the renovation, the name was kept the same and after renamed Kreutzwald Hotel Tallinn. As the market was changing and there were many competitors with 3-star hotels, it was decided to renovate the hotels and change the style together with the names. The new design was more elegant and showed the historical parts of the buildings, 4-star properties with spa facilities.

Uniquestay Hotel Tallinn / von Stackelberg Hotel Tallinn now
VSH rooms oldStandard1
Mihkli Hotel / Kreutzwald Hotel Tallinn now
KWH rooms oldRomantika tuba väike 2_1

Manor complex – a true pearl

With all the hotels in Tallinn operating well there was still something missing. The wish was to find a site that could be developed into a full-service resort and spa. Vihula was a perfect location – not far from Tallinn and situated in the beautiful national park with a river meandering through it. The historical aspect of the manor complex was very attractive and so interesting. The diversity of the buildings would allow us to develop the manor over time to the glorious venue we have today – Vihula Manor Country Club & Spa.

Vihula Manor Country Club & Spa before and after
VM rooms oldTagamoisa 5 korrus
VM old2Vihula Manor exterior

A reason to celebrate

In 2017 we are opening a new hotel. Centennial Hotel Tallinn will be opened to celebrate the 100 years of independence of Estonia and also marks our 15th anniversary. We wanted to make a bold impression with this modern hotel but keep the standard of service traditionally high.

Over the years we have developed an excellent team and gotten many satisfied regular clients. 15th anniversary marks an important milestone but we are still in our early years of development. We are proud of our hotels that are all linked to the culture and history of Estonia and eager to grow even more.

As a birthday gift to our clients, we have different exciting offers throughout the year. Keep an eye on the offers HERE.

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