Valentine’s Day with Unique Hotels

How did Valentine’s Day start?


Valentine’s day comes from ancient Rome and was originally celebrated as the day to honour Juno, the queen of all goddesses. Juno was the protector of women and marriage. Romans celebrated the day with a lottery where men and women chose friends for themselves. This tradition was later banned but men and women still exchanged love letters.

There are two legends about the birth of Valentine’s Day. The first one says that emperor Claudius banned marriage because all men had to be perfect soldiers. One priest, however, did not listen to the order and still married couples secretly. The priest Valentine was put into prison for that and he died there. He was buried on the 14th of February in 270 and people started to celebrate his death anniversary as the day of lovers or Valentine’s Day as we know it today. According to the second legend, Valentine was a Christian who lived in Rome where the new religion was not tolerated. He was prisoned for helping Christians. In prison, he fell in love with the blind daughter of the jailer and gave the girl her eyesight back. Valentin was executed but before that, he managed to send a letter to Julie that said in the end: “Your Valentine”.

Valentine’s Day in Estonia

Valentine’s Day came to Estonia through Finland in 1980’s. At first, it was mainly celebrated in schools and kindergartens where it was possible to leave secret notes or letters in a letterbox for friends. Today celebrating Valentine’s Day is more popular among adults, too. It is a good opportunity to make your loved ones feel special by giving them a little gift or flowers.

Unique Hotels offers different opportunities for celebrating Valentine’s Day. Spend a romantic night with your loved one or enjoy the spa together. Come with friends and through a memorable sauna party or have a delicious dinner.

Romance in Kreutzwald Hotel Tallinn

Romantika tuba väikeKreutzwald Hotel Tallinn offers different romantic packages. Choose the one that suits you and celebrate Valentine’s Day with your loved one. As a gift from us, 7 days before and after Valentine’s Day we offer 15% discount for the Romance package. In addition to that, you can have different treatments in Zen Spa and enjoy delicious flavours in restaurant Nipernaadi. Or celebrate Valentine’s Day with good friends in our sauna and pool area with delicious snacks and drinks. Kreutzwald Hotel Tallinn Zen SPA offers different sauna party packages for friends. Find the suitable one for you HERE.

You can find romantic packages HERE, Zen SPA treatments HERE and restaurant Nipernaadi home page HERE.

Valentine’s Day in historical city estate


Von Stackelberg Hotel Tallinn is a perfect place for Valentine’s Day celebration with your loved one. Romantical city estate creates the right atmosphere to escape from daily routine and feel totally relaxed together. You can choose between two different romantic packages. Romance package includes accommodation in Zen room, romantic setting in the room, sparkling wine and fruit platter, a private use of sauna and Japanise pool with snacks and drinks and rich breakfast. Romantic Getaway package also includes treatments and dinner. 7 days before and after Valentine’s Day we offer 15% discount for the romantic packages. 

See the Romance package HERE and the Romantic Getaway package HERE.

The von Stackelberg Hotel Zen-SPA Japanese pool

You can also enjoy romantic dinner and Valentine’s Day special menu in restaurant Emmeline&Otto. Book your table HERE and surprise your loved one or friends with a delicious dinner. Another option is to spend the day in Zen SPA. You can have a private party with good friends, delicious snacks and drinks. Read more from HERE. In addition to that, you can enjoy relaxing treatments and feel totally pampered with your friends. Find the spa treatments HERE.

An elegant 16th-century manor –  ideal for romance

La Boheme Restaurant

When you wish to celebrate Valentine’s Day with a longer vacation out of the city, Vihula Manor Country Club & Spa is the perfect place. Surrounded by Lahemaa National Park, Vihula Manor is a romantic place for couples but still offers adventures and educating activities for couples and friends. Enjoy a gourmet dinner in Vihula Manor Restaurant or pamper yourself with natural treatments in eco-SPA. For couples, we offer a package Love is in the air. The package includes accommodation, the use of sauna, breakfast and a surprise gift in the room.

When you are coming with friends be sure to use the winter accommodation offer to enjoy your vacation in beautiful nature with a good price. In addition to that, we recommend different leisure activities in the manor. Find additional information from Vihula Manor Country Club & Spa home page.

Unique Hotels wishes you a month filled with love and friendship!

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