Natural paradise in Vihula Manor eco-SPA

Vihula Manor eco-SPA is a boutique spa in the peaceful countryside, a place to escape from busy daily life and indulge yourself. This completely new and unique ecological spa concept combines heritage, nature and luxury with contemporary comfort and modern technologies. The selection of treatments is wide so there’s something for everybody. It’s a perfect place to spend a romantic weekend, fun evening with friends or enjoying some alone time. We asked eco-SPA manager Evely Maasi to tell us more about the spa and what makes it special.

Why is Vihula Manor eco-SPA special? 

In Vihula Manor eco-SPA we want to offer a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere for our customers in which they could enjoy treatments based on natural ingredients. Our treatments are suitable for everybody: men and women, children and adults, customers looking for luxury and quality as well as the ones who cherish totally natural products. Vihula Manor eco-SPA is unique because all spa products are 100% eco-friendly, a combination of high quality local and international brands. Vihula Manor eco-SPA is the only spa in Estonia representing ESPA, the international top spa brand and offering its high-quality products and treatments.

Vihula Manor Eco-Spa Treatment

Which brands are used in eco-SPA?

We use products from three different brands. ESPA products and treatments are a mixture of modern scientific achievements and traditional rituals. In ESPA products, only natural ingredients with the highest quality and best effects are used. The treatments are based on each client’s needs. For example, before ESPA facial treatment or aromatic massage, the skincare products or massage oils are chosen with the client based on his or her needs. The length of the treatment is between 25 minutes (different salt scrubs) up to 2 hours like ESPA Holistic treatment or Detox ritual. Men also love the EPSA Hero treatment that combines back exfoliation and massage, facial treatment and head massage. The treatment lasts for 90 minutes or for 2 hours if the massage is done with hot stones.

For all skin types, it is possible to put together a daily skin care package to take home with you. We have also thought about men and offer different oils, creams and cleansers just for you. ESPA also has a wide range of body products, the newest being the self-tanning product series.

Fleur’s line represents the scents of flowers, luxury, and is inspired by art, the world of plants, ayurveda and stone therapy. In this product range, we offer skin care products for men, women and youngsters. In addition, both men and women love Fleur’s slimming and firming treatments. For example, Aromamineral “Voile de Sultane” slimming and firming body treatment combines ancient rituals with wonderful smells offering full relaxation, nourishment and moisturization for the skin.

We also use Harmoonikum products. These products are made from ingredients straight from Estonian nature.  Treatments with fresh ingredients directly from the wild are pampering, relaxing and balancing mind and body. Herbs, honey, milk, fruits, cereals, aroma oils and many other gifts of nature, all containing necessary vitamins and minerals are all in a form that is appropriate and well-assimilable for the Human body. Cosmetic products mixed from fresh natural components are especially effective as they support the natural and healthy functioning of the body. From Harmoonikum treatments, the most popular ones are “High heels” treatment with herbal foot bath to relieve tiredness and discomfort in legs, also slimming treatment that fights cellulite in five different ways. And of course, VSOP treatment that is especially popular among men. In this treatment, one of the main active ingredients is cognac.

Vihula Manor Eco-Spa

Who is welcome to visit eco-SPA and what would you recommend?

Everybody is welcome! You can come alone or with your partner, with the whole family or friends. For families, we recommend father-son spa day where both big and small men get to enjoy a massage together. At the same time, mother-daughter spa where the ladies can chit-chat when getting a nice facial or hand treatment.

If you are coming with a bigger group of people (10 to 30 people) we recommend taking the spa party package “Life is beautiful”. It is beautiful because when arriving at the spa, welcoming drinks are waiting and during three hours you can enjoy quality time with your good friends, drinks and healthy snacks. In addition, everybody gets a 30-minute treatment of their choice!

Eco-SPA also has a variety of day spa packages that are put together from different 30-minute treatments. In that way, our lovely clients can experience a lot more treatments during their stay. If you didn’t find a suitable one for you from our selection, don’t hesitate to contact us. We will make sure that you get a special package made according to your needs and wishes.

Eco-SPA lounge

See the treatment menu of Vihula Manor eco-SPA HERE.

In June, we have a special spa offer! When booking a 60-minute massage we gift you with an extra 15 minutes.
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In connection with Unique Hotels 15th anniversary, we asked feedback from Kalle who is a frequent guest in our spa. Read more about which treatment Kalle likes the most and how long has he been visiting us.

Introduce yourself briefly.
My name is Kalle and I work in the field of energy. My hobbies are fishing and hunting.

How often do you visit spas?
In 2017, I have already been at Vihula Manor eco-SPA three times.

What do you like about Vihula Manor eco-SPA?
I love the coziness and friendly attitude. That’s why I have been visiting this spa for over five years now.

Your favourite treatment?
The Classical massage focusing on my legs is my favourite.

Your most memorable visit in our Zen SPA?
The last two visits in April have been wonderful. I would like to thank Ülle who always does her job very well!

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