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Stanislav Savchenkov has now worked as the head chef of restaurant Emmeline & Otto for over a year and put together several à la carte menus. Last week we introduced our new and light spring and summer menu that we recommend everybody to try. To understand better, how all these dishes and tastes came together, we decided to talk to Stanislav.

suvikõrvitsaõiedHow did you become a chef?

The interest in food started when Stanislav was studying in high school. But before he started working as a chef, Stanislav worked years as a baker. Finally, a friend persuaded him to quit baking and start working as a chef. Stanislav has worked as a chef for 11 years in different restaurants. He says that the biggest experience came from working in restaurant Bocca. The head chef there was strict, but he learned a lot from him. In addition, Stanislav worked also in Schlössle restaurant and had a sushi cafe in Lahti for one and a half years. Today, working as a head chef at Emmeline & Otto, Stanislav appreciates good teamwork the most. Only a strong and united team can do good work and deliver delicious meals to our lovely guests.

What fascinates you as a chef? 

For Stanislav, making food is a form of art at its most honest sense – having to fit together different ingredients on the plate to create a piece of art that touches all senses. The food has to be beautiful to the eye, different tastes and aromas have to create a perfect harmony to offer a truly unique experience. Stanislav has an artist living in his soul to create original dishes and sensations. Inspiration can come from the brightly shining sun in spring, good mood, pleasant aromas that reach to his nose when walking outside or a smile from a loved one. He believes that the best dishes are born when made with love and joy.

Of course, Stanislav also visits other restaurants in Tallinn to taste the dishes made by other chefs in order to keep up with what competitors are offering. Thanks to the Internet, he can keep up the trends around the world. Stanislav knows well where to get the best, freshest and highest quality produce for his dishes to make them taste good and also assure the highest quality of the dish.

The brightest memory with food comes from his childhood when his grandmother baked potato pancakes with sour cream. His grandma, who was from Belarus, knew how to make great potato dishes. At the moment, different pasta dishes and good quality medium beef are his favourites.Artišokisalat

Emmeline & Otto new menu

Our new spring and summer menu turned out to be very nice and fresh! We have thought about vegetarians who will also find something suitable from the menu. As it is summer, we will barbecue watermelon and put it together with juicy salmon. We will also deep-fry zucchini blossoms and the lamb rack got a nice fresh and crispy peppermint and almond coat. The dishes on our menu are made from high-quality and fresh produce. Stanislav recommends trying the Grilled Pacific Tuna Steak in a Butter and Caper Sauce.

See the menu on Emmeline & Otto homepage.

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