Tanel Vaikma – Conference and Events Manager at Kreutzwald Hotel Tallinn and The Centennial Hotel Tallinn

Tanel Vaikma is the newest member of Unique Hotels Group team who works as a Conference and Events Manager at Kreutzwald Hotel Tallinn and The Centennial Hotel Tallinn, our newest hotel that will open in the end of summer. Tanel is responsible for making your conferences, events and other important celebrations memorable and unique. We are confident that he will bring a lot of new and innovative energy to our team with his fresh ideas. We asked Tanel to tell us a little bit about himself and introduce the ideas and changes coming up soon.

Introduce yourself briefly.tanel 3

I graduated from the University of Tartu and I am currently finishing my master’s degree at Estonian Business School. In my free time, I love playing tennis. There’s nothing better than relieving your tensions on a tennis court after a long day at work. In addition, I like traveling, discovering new restaurants and visiting different cultural and entertaining events. People often say that my ideas are crazy because I love to push the boundaries in my work. In cooperation with my lovely colleagues, who bring me back on earth, these crazy and impossible ideas become real and innovative approaches.

Tell us about your previous work experience?

My first work experience was at the age of 12 when I sold newspapers. From there, a little motto for life “From paper boy to a millionaire”. I started my career on a cruise ship restaurant when I was 17. Next, I moved into the conference center on the ship where the real interest for conference and event management started. At the age of 23, I started working as a restaurant manager. These six years gave me an incredible experience and a lot of knowledge about organizing big events and conferences. In 2016, I had an extremely exciting opportunity to be a part of opening an international hotel which led me to the next level in events management. Now I can do what I love the most – organizing events. The most satisfying feeling is when I can organize an event from beginning to the end to create awesome memories for my clients. The event is successful if our clients become our fans and friends.

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What changes are you planning to do in Kreutzwald Hotel Tallinn and The Centennial Hotel Tallinn conference side?

The old-school conference and events era is coming to an end. Our customers are increasingly looking for more innovative and special approaches to their events: for example, holding meetings sitting in bean bags or on yoga mats. This creates a more encouraging and free atmosphere that lets the innovative and creative ideas to be born. Various activities and games are added to the conferences to boost people’s thinking and interaction. People can try the hands-on approach during lunch breaks and the menus are prepared thinking of the well-being of body, mind and soul.

In connection with the new hotel (The Centennial Hotel Tallinn), the conference and events concept is going to change. Starting from new menus and presentation, simple but yet important details. From autumn, we wish to offer a greater range of classical menus and add the so-called themed menus which change according to the season and trends. The keywords are definitely fresh, healthy, organic, colourful and light. Also, the serving of food is an art of its kind so we are paying great attention to the harmony between the atmosphere and menus.

All conference rooms are going to be equipped with a conference toolkit that includes all the necessary equipment for a successful event. For example, you can find a book with team building activities and soothing music for brainstorming and group works from there. From the service side, I am there for customers to listen to their ideas and wishes to create the perfect event for every single customer. All the ideas are welcomed and the crazier the better!
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Tell us about summer conference packages. What are these and why should people prefer those? 

Summer is the low season for conferences and most of them are organized on the last minute. That’s where these summer conference packages come to the rescue! The idea is to give the customer the most convenient and fastest means for the event. There is no need debate over taking one or two coffee breaks, lunch or no lunch, no long negotiations about the room prices. Everything is set and ready to go. We have created four simple packages designed for different desires. Full day and half-day conference packages are the most classical ones offering meetings, lunch and coffee breaks. “Zen” package is designed for smaller groups who want to relax in a private sauna complex after the meeting. “Seal the Deal” package is meant for those who want to celebrate a successful meeting with some cocktails and snacks on our summer terrace. Psst, I can secretly tell you that these packages are also cheaper than taking conference rooms, coffee breaks and lunch separately.

During summer, we are preparing for the new season with developing and implementing the new concept. In the end of the summer, we will open our new hotel with a bang and you are all welcomed to book your conferences there. I also have some ideas for summer but you will hear about those later.

Why should people choose Kreutzwald Hotel Tallinn for their next event?

Mosty because of the comfortable and beautiful rooms. But we also have a good birthday offer – throw your party with us and for every 15th guest, the party menu is free of charge!

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