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Sourcing Food Responsibly with Unique Hotels (0)

30 December 2011
Responsible food sourcing is becoming an increasingly important aspect of any hotel or restaurant’s remit. Finding the best produce, fresh from trusted local sources, has become one of the major responsibilities in the catering industry. Of course, in certain parts of the world, finding regular supplies of high-quality, fresh ingredients can be problematic, but we at Unique Hotels have hit upon one possible solution by taking sourcing to a new level and developing our own ECO-Farm.
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Happy New Year at Unique Hotels (0)

28 December 2011
Say good bye to 2011 and hello to 2012 in style with one of Unique Hotels’ New Year’s Eve parties and packages! We’ve three great offers this year, each catering for a different style and theme from our Roaring Twenties night at the von Stackelberg Hotel Tallinn Carriage House for €150 per person, to out one- or two-night Golden 60s package at Vihula Manor Country Club & Spa, starting at €290.
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I’m Dreaming of a Green Christmas – Eco-Friendly Unique Hotels (0)

26 December 2011
As a society we are all becoming increasingly aware of the need to reduce our carbon footprint. Scientists have conclusively proven that human actions can have a degenerative impact on our climate and it is incumbent upon us all to try and find more efficient and greener ways of living. While we strive as individuals to reduce our carbon, many hotels too are embracing similar green initiatives and few have made as successful an effort as the Unique Hotels group.
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Russian Orthodox Christmas, Unique Hotels Style (0)

26 December 2011
There really is nothing quite like a Russian Orthodox Christmas - from Father Frost and the Snow Maiden, to a national public holiday nearly ten days long. Whether you’re a Russian looking to spend those ten days abroad, or you’re just looking to experience Christmas of a different kind in beautiful surroundings, at Vihula Country Club and Spa we have a special three-night, four-day Russian Christmas package that’s just right for you. Starting at just €375 for two, there’s no reason not to raise a glass and say “S Rozhdestvom!” to the New Year!
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Have Yourself a Musical Christmas (0)

21 December 2011
There are few things that evoke Christmas spirit quite as much as festive music, and there are few cities in the world that offer quite as much of that as Estonia’s capital Tallinn. Whether you’d enjoy Christmas Eve mass at the Kaarli Kirik, or would prefer something a little more secular, such as the Estonian National Opera’s adaptation of Tchaikovsky’s famous ballet The Nutcracker (running from 15 th December 2011 to 29 th January 2012), Tallinn is a city that has a rich musical heritage, especially at this time of the year. While Christmas in the city can be enjoyable, there is something tr
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Vaatamisväärseimad muuseumid Tallinnas (0)

19 December 2011
Unique Hotelsi kolmest Tallinna omandist – Kreutzwald Hotel Tallinn ast, von Stackelberg Hotel Tallinn ast ja City Hotel Tallinn ast – jalutustee või lühikese bussi- või trammisõidu kaugusel asuvad paljud pealinna põnevaimad muuseumid. Igaüks neist elustab Tallinna tuhandeaastase ajaloo erinevaid aspekte, paeluvaid legende ja kultuuriaardeid. 1. Tallinna Linnamuuseum Tutvu Tallinna põneva ajalooga Linnamuuseumis kui suurepärases lähtekohas. Seal on palju eksponaate, mis jutustavad linna ajaloost kuni Venemaast sõltumatuks saamiseni 1990. aastatel. 2. Kadrioru Kunstimuuseum See muuseum asub uhk
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Unique Hotels Vihula Manor Facebook 14.12.2011 (0)

14 December 2011
Unique Hotels Facebooki Kampaania Peaauhinna Võitja Unique Hotels loosis täna välja Facebooki kampaania peaauhinna, luksusliku grand prix väärtusega 2000 €. Õnnelik võitja on Kristiina Mokanu, e-kiri lisateabega on juba teel! Õnnelik võitja saab Vihula Mõisa nautida kui tõeline mõisaproua. Palju, palju õnne meie kõigi poolt! SUUR AITÄH kõigile kampaanias osalenutele, me plaanime juba uut kampaaniat, uute auhindadega. Vahepeal aga teeme superpakkumisi oma Facebooki sõpradele, millest on raske keelduda. Unique Hotels Estonia Facebook Facebook/UniqueHotelsEstonia ---------------------------------
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Choose Unique Hotels for your Winter Wonderland getaway (0)

13 December 2011
The Estonian capital of Tallinn is one of the fortunate few cities that offers visitors something special during both summer and winter. Yet despite its many summer charms, there is something truly special about Tallinn during the winter months that makes the city the perfect destination for a Christmas getaway. Choose one of the following Unique Hotels’ festive packages to make your visit to Tallinn even more magical.
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Unique Hotels Facebook 09.12 (0)

09 December 2011
Unique Hotels Facebooki Kampaania Võitja Sel nädalal on Unique Hotels välja loosinud õhtu 6 inimesele snäkkide, siidri ja õllega Kreutzwald Hotel ZEN SPAs. Õnnelik võitja saab sõpradega kuni 5 tundi sauna, puhkeruumi ning mullivanni kasutada (väärtusega €150). Õnnelik võitja on Andres Palgi e-kiri lisateabega on juba teel! Pane tähele! 14.12 loosime välja peaauhinna, luksusliku grand prix väärtusega 2000 € . Praegu on viimane aeg kaasa lüüa! Osale kampaanias siin --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- U
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Unique Hotels Facebook 11 111 fans (0)

08 December 2011
Unique Hotels Facebooki Kampaania Ergutusauhinna Võitja Sel nädalal täitus Unique Hotels Facebooki lehel maagiline number 11 111 sõpra. Selle tähistamiseks loosime välja ergutusauhinna - 2h privaatset sauna ja jaapani basseini kasutust kuni 6 inimesele lõõgastavas von Stackelberg Hotelli ZEN SPAs välja loosida (väärtusega €150) Õnnelik võitja on Aimar Nõmm e-kiri lisateabega on juba teel! On veel üks nädalaauhind ja luksuslik grand prix väärtusega 2000 € , mis loositakse välja 14.12 . Praegu on parim aeg kaasa lüüa! Osale kampaanias siin -------------------
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