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You are tired of the daily routine, all the problems that need solving, a monotonous life where everything runs like a predetermined path. You haven’t spent time with the whole family or friends for a long time to truly enjoy life. Someone in your brotherhood has reached an important milestone and wants to celebrate it in a special way. A friend or important partners came to visit you and you are looking for a more informal atmosphere. You would like to be alone with your sweetheart and spend some quality time together. Kreutzwald Hotel Tallinn Zen SPA offers all of the above! Zen SPA Manager Kadi Saadlo gives an overview of what you can do in Zen SPA.

How to take time off and relax when there is no time to leave the city?

Day packages are the best way to relax and escape from everyday worries. Zen SPA offers a wide range of different day packages. For example, there is a romantic day package for couples, spa party packages for groups, a day spa package for gentlemen and luxurious day spa packages if you would like to be pampered from head to toe. The day spa package includes the use of sauna complex and Japanese bath, treatment(s), snacks and a welcome drink, also parking. We have tried to create the packages so that everyone will find something suitable from there. If you can’t find the right package from our list, we are more than happy to create a special one just for you to meet your needs and wishes.

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What to do to take the maximum out of the spa visit?

Be sure to prepare yourself for the experience. Choose the time when you don’t have to deal with work-related problems – you can’t really use your phone during the treatment and it’s also not recommended because you won’t be able to relax when constantly looking at your phone. If you don’t have the whole day, it also helps to book a 30- or 40-minute massage to feel better and relaxed. Be sure to inform your therapist if you have any allergies, a chronic disease or any other medical condition (for example, you’re pregnant) – many of the treatments are not recommended for soon-to-be moms and the same applies to other health problems. Your therapist is able to suggest the best solution for you and many of the treatments can be successfully replaced within the packages also (for example, for pregnant women we recommend facials or manicure/pedicure instead of massages). Any feedback is appreciated during the treatment. Let us know if you are feeling too cold or hot, you would like the massage to be stronger or lighter or if you have any other concern. Then we can guarantee you the best possible spa experience.

Is there something to do at Zen SPA when coming with children?

Of course, there is! For families, we recommend the private usage of sauna and Japanese bath, followed by suitable massages or treatments. Zen SPA treatment selection offers something for everybody. Our absolute hit is the “Sea Holistic” massage treatments, which is booked all year round. It is extremely relaxing treatment aimed to stimulate all senses. The treatment will focus on both, the physical body and the soul. This treatment is suitable for pregnant women as well as fathers who want to get rid of muscle tension and stress. For smaller children we recommend 30- or 40-minute classical massage.

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See the treatment menu of Kreutzwald Hotel Tallinn Zen SPA HERE.

In May, we have a special spa offer! When booking a 60-minute massage we gift you with an extra 15 minutes.
See all the birthday offers HERE.

In connection with Unique Hotels 15th anniversary, we asked feedback from our lovely Lilith, who is a frequent guest in our spa. Read more about which treatments Lilith likes and what she recommends everyone to try.

Introduce yourself briefly.
My name is Lilith and I work in the communication field. I love dancing and I have done it over 7 years already. In addition to that, I am a big series fan, also love reading books and gaming.

How often do you visit spas?
I visit spas less than I would like to but I try to pay a visit once every one and a half months. Kreutzwald Hotel Tallinn Zen SPA is the one that I visit most frequently.

What do you like about Kreutzwald Hotel Tallinn Zen SPA?
Kreutzwald Hotel Tallinn Zen SPA is a very cosy and personal spa with a warm and intimate atmosphere. The approach is personal and friendly and the staff there is really grown on me. Since I have visited the spa for over a year now it’s more like visiting friends when I go there. Because of that, I can always be sure that the quality of the treatment is very high.

Your favourite treatment?
Most often I go there to get my eyebrows tinted but I really love the massages. As I train a lot it’s good to pamper my body and muscles with a relaxing massage every once in a while.

What treatment would you recommend everyone to try?
For those who have the feeling that they don’t have time for a 60- or 90-minute treatment, I recommend “Lunchtime Glow”. It is a truly amazing facial treatment that really makes your skin glow. On my last visit, I took this treatment and in the evening got compliments from my friends that my face is so bright and has a fresh glow. My friends told me that they would also love to try out this facial.

Your most memorable visit in our Zen SPA?
Instead of one specific time, I would like to highlight the feeling that I get every time I visit Zen SPA. During the treatment, I can fully turn off all the everyday problems and deeply relax. I always leave feeling fresh and awake. This is made possible by the professional staff and cosy atmosphere of the spa. Big thanks for that!

Kreutzwald Hotel Tallinn Zen SPA

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